We are not able to assist new students at this time.  Please contact one of the other excellent instructors in our area to help you with your riding goals.





Lake Stevens


Frequently Asked Questions:

What to Wear:

Long pants, layer clothing for the weather, closed toed boot with a heel (hiking boots, rain boots, or riding boots work great!)

What to Bring:

Bring a water bottle, maybe a snack for after school or lunch time lessons.  We have helmets available to borrow, or bring your own ASTI approved helmet!  Bike Helmets do not offer adequate protection from the type of falls we may take.

When to Show up:

Show up about 15 minutes early to greet your horse and instructor. 

How do I contact my Instructor:

Please email cancellation notices within 24 hrs to 

What if I'm late:

Your riding instructor may give you a cell phone line to text if you are running 5-10 minutes late due to unforseen circumstances.  If greater than 15 minutes late, you will be responsible for paying the lesson fee.  We will not have enough time to instruct you on riding, but you may still groom your pony.  

Can I choose my horse:

Your instructor will try to pair you with the best horse available for you on a particular day.  Our horses are all popular, and hard working.  We try hard not to overwork them and give them a balanced schedule throughout the week.