Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I pay for my lesson?

Checks, cash, and visa/mastercard are accepted at the time of lesson.  Paypal is available for convenience: send payments to

When is payment due?

Payment is due at the beginning of your lesson.  A discount is available if you pay for a series of 4 or 8 lessons.

How often do most students ride?

Most of our students ride once per week, but some students make equestrian riding their sport and ride 2-3 times weekly. 

What if I want to keep my lessons private as I advance?

We feel students have more fun and learn faster working with another student in the arena.  However, some students learn better in a one on one environment without worrying about another horse and rider.  We can accommodate private lessons at any level for $50/hr if available with our schedule. 

When will my child be ready to attend shows?

When our students are trotting correctly and can steer safely and control the horse if a canter or spook happens. These students ride 2-3 days a week and are committed to their horsemanship.

How can I help my student?

Be involved with the lesson by asking questions of your student, help groom if you feel comfortable.  Watch the lesson and take pictures.  Ask clarifying questions if you think your student might not understand a concept.  Share learning goals and styles with your instructor.  Encourage your student to try for themselves before you help.

What should I avoid?

Please try to avoid repeating commands (parroting), talking over the instructor, or engaging the instructor in lengthy conversation which takes the focus off your student.  Try to avoid helping your student excessively with grooming and tacking once they have the knowledge.  Yes, you could do it faster, but this is their opportunity to learn and grow.  They are expected to master these skills to become independent riders. 

A Little info on Horsemanship Lessons...

Each lesson is customized for the riders' confidence and skill level.  Instructors utilize a lesson rubric to track progress weekly.  Every rider begins at the beginning and may progress to the next level when they have demonstrated mastery of the skills and knowledge required at that level. 

Beginner Lessons -  $50/hr

Semi Private: Students will learn to halter a horse, groom and tack independently. We will work on a variety of groundwork exercises to gain confidence and control with our horse before mounting. Students will develop a secure riding seat at gaits walk, trot, and canter, and will give clear cues to the horse with hands and seat. Students will gain the confidence to ride independently with supervision. We will discuss horse psychology, learn additional horse anatomy, and learn to desensitize horses to scary objects.

Advanced Lessons - $50/hr

Semi Private: Students can catch, groom, tack, and warm up independently before lesson. Students use a variety of advanced groundwork exercises to get the horse thinking and listening. Students will ride walk, trot, and canter with independent seats, refining cues and working their horse in a proper frame. Students will choose a riding discipline to practice such as western pleasure, huntseat, or dressage. Students will learn about horse maintenence as well as basic illness/injury treatment for horses. We will learn how to prepare for shows. These students are eligible to lease horses and attend shows with the team.