Our lessons revolve around three things: safety, fun, and progress.  We use a lot of natural horsemanship principles to help us interact with horses in ways that make sense to them. Hanging out around the barn with horses and friends is fun! We use a lot of games and activities in our lessons so you and the horse get to think and have fun while learning to ride. We have a clear, progressive curriculum to help you learn about horses. Our learning includes horse care and maintenance, using tack correctly, safety and horsemanship, balanced riding, and good communication with the horse on the ground and under saddle.

Helping people experience the joys of horsemanship in a safe, relaxed environment

Effective horsemanship requires social savvy, clear communication, physical strength and coordination, multi-tasking, and emotional sensitivity. The skills we learn around our horses transfer to every other facet of life as well. Students often become more confident, better at communicating, and develop a stronger self-esteem by working with these gentle giants.

Riding Lessons from 4 to 4Ever